Cleanroom Suite & Firewall Partitions for Aeronautical Research & Development

Precision Manufacturer


Using our unique experience of cleanroom design and construction and fire-rated enclosures, Stancold were awarded the project after winning a competitive tender through Principle Contractor, Merit Holdings.


The suite of new cleanrooms was built to grade D classification and the fire-rated enclosures were designed to be clean not classified.


We installed 6m high freestanding walls with integrated flush cleanroom windows connected to an aluminium T-Bar suspended ceiling grid which formed the plenum and low-level return air cooling coils. The return air ducts were formed using 50mm FM approved Puracore cleanroom walls to a height of 6m and we also provided temperature controlled cleanrooms with Eurobond panels to a height of 8m.

The integration of a 4.5 m high viewing gallery into the walls with rapid roller doors below and for interlocked doors presented a significant challenge, one which we met with enthusiasm.

The fire rated enclosures were fitted with roller shutter doors and hinged doors certified to LPS certification. Various size semi flush Puracore doors were installed along with rapid rise doors ranging in size (3.5m high x 3.0m wide and 5.0m wide x 5.5m high), supported laterally by the Puracore walls with no need for additional structural steel members.

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This project showcases our cleanroom expertise

Paul Towse, Project Manager
Location Bristol
Building Use Engine Manufacturer
Installation Time 21 Weeks
Panel Core Aluminium Honeycomb & Mineral Fibre
Panel Thickness 50mm, 75mm, 150mm
Panel Requirements 3350m²
Services Free Consultation
Site Surveys
Project Management
Maintenance Advice