Advanced Research Laboratory, University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield


Following a glowing reference from a cleanroom project on an alternative site, Stancold were recommended for these works with the University of Sheffield.


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) were continuing to expand their operations within their powder manufacturing and processing facility.

Utilising our strong industry experience, Stancold developed the concept and produced a design proposal for the works, which was then finalised through a site survey with the project management team.


Our team were responsible for installing Kingspan Quadcore panels of 80mm thickness and a walk-on ceiling of 100mm to form the laboratory. Alongside this, the integration of hinged personnel doors and vision panels were completed.

Stancold also undertook the installation of the accompanying air conditioning and humidity control functions, so that the facility was able to maintain a consistent 20°C. This was crucial for the activities taking place within the lab.

This project was successfully completed in four weeks and Stancold left site with a satisfied end user.

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Successfully developing the lab's concept and design was due to strong industry experience.

Lee Duffield, Project Manager
Location Sheffield
Building Use Advanced Research
Panel Core IPN Quadcore
Panel Supplier Kingspan
Panel Thickness 80mm, 100mm
Panel Requirements 230m²
Services Value Engineered Solutions
CAD Design
Project Management
Expert Installation