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Solutions To Some Of The Most Common Problems in Food Manufacturing Facilities

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The food and beverage industry is, unsurprisingly, one of the most regulated in the UK. Not only do food manufacturers need to ensure that health and safety standards are met, they are also aiming to create great quality products for consumers who demand the best.

At Stancold, we have been designing and installing with temperature-controlled food manufacturing facilities for over 75 years. Here are the most common mistakes made and how to solve them:

Issue: Packaging and Labelling

If you want to avoid high allergen food scores in your food facility, it’s absolutely crucial that you get your packaging and labels right. If produce is not labelled correctly it can be a danger to those handling it and consuming it.


Record keeping is the simplest and easiest way to ensure that any food or beverage that is manufactured in your facility meets standards. Ideally, the entire process should be carefully tracked from start to finish including full details on the manufacturing process and allergen control.

Issue: Refrigeration Equipment

Temperature is of the utmost importance in food and drink manufacturing facilities. Chillers and cold storage rooms enable manufacturers to control this. If this equipment is not maintained on a regular basis, condensate can collect – another issue that can be dangerous for produce and those working there.


Your cold storage facilities will work more efficiently and be safer if all the equipment is regularly maintained. All staff should understand the chiller system and there should be a regular maintenance schedule. Important procedures include cleaning condensate pans with sanitisers, routine checks and cleaning of all the refrigeration equipment including pipes, fans and compressors.

Issue: Plant Equipment

Another issue in food manufacturing facilities is poor equipment sanitation due to lack of proper training or understanding of the potential risk. Plant equipment is often difficult to clean and employees don’t understand their own impact on the manufacturing chain.


Before any staff start working they should be properly trained in all aspects of the food manufacturing process. Any cleaning should be checked with thorough testing, including facility inspections and audits. Applying good manufacturing practices throughout the facility allows owners and managers to keep food safe for consumers and ensure their staff work in the best possible environment.

If you are looking to expand or build a new food manufacturing facility and have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our expert team on 0117 3167000 or send your query via email.

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