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Process Improvement Works in Food Facilities: What That Means and How We Can Help

process improvement works; food factories

Process Improvement Works are a massive aspect of what Stancold can offer to UK-based food producers, but what exactly does that mean in the greater context of the food industry?

To answer that question and create a deeper explanation of how Stancold can help food and drink producers operate at the highest level of efficiency, we sat down with Stancold’s Food Projects Specialist, Andy Connell.

Q: What exactly do process improvement works mean?

Andy: Aside from the obvious answer of ‘improving your process,’ process improvement is essentially a positive upgrade of an existing facility to enable greater capacity and ensure the highest possible level of product quality.

Q: So what does it mean in the context of a food factory?

Andy: Food and drink factories need to maintain a certain hygienic standard which means they need to have food-safe walling. Our whitewall panelling is the best option since the way they’re designed ensures not one bit of dirt is sticking to those walls. The food manufacturer, their customers, and regulatory bodies can be sure that the walls will be as hygienic as possible.

The way those walls segment different parts of the factory and house certain manufacturing machines is where process improvement works can come into play.

If a food manufacturer is expanding their operations, Stancold’s Food Projects team can come in and help them decide the most efficient ways to fill previously unused areas with food-safe whitewall panelling. The area they previously used to stack pallets isn’t going to be a suitable space as is to expand production, so we can help them whitewall that space in the way that will best fit their production goals.

Q: What are some of the main drivers for change when it comes to process improvements in food facilities?

Andy: It could be a new piece of equipment for manufacturing or a new product that requires a certain production standard.

Maybe the business is expanding, and certain previously non-food-safe areas now need to be food-safe for increased production. We can help food producers determine the most efficient layout and then come in and install the food-safe partitions.

In many cases, it relates to what is being manufactured and where in the factory. If a factory has allergen-free products being manufactured in one part and other products that contain certain allergens being manufactured in another, those areas need to be properly segmented away from each other. That’s where our whitewall installation solutions come into it. But those areas need to be segmented in a way that ensures the facility will still be operating to the highest level of efficiency possible. That’s how Stancold’s 75 years of working in the food and drink industry comes into play.

Q: How do BRC audits work into the mix?

Andy: If a food facility is working to pass an upcoming BRC audit and needs to change the factory’s layout or further segment different areas, Stancold can help you put into practice the necessary changes. 

Q: Wouldn’t installing whitewall partitioning for process improvement works hinder the factory’s production?

Andy: No, Stancold’s team can design the installation around the client’s needs and schedule.

If a food manufacturer is bringing in our team to put into practice process improvement measures to save money and generate more profit, it renders the effort pointless if they need to completely shut down production for the work to get done!

Therefore, we can design the installation schedule so that it doesn’t affect the client’s production timeline. We can schedule the installation work to be done during times that production normally doesn’t happen such as a certain day of the week or evenings and weekends.

We’re here to help our food-producing clients generate more money with their facility, so the last thing we want to do is completely halt their production.  

It goes without saying that not every food and drink producer is the same, far from it. We’ll work with our clients to fully understand their capabilities, restrictions, and schedules so that we can serve them in the best way possible for their specific circumstances.

As Andy mentioned, Stancold has been working with food producers for over 75 years, plus our Food Projects team has over 80 years of combined experience, so we know a thing or two about efficiently fitting out your facility.

If you’re looking to build an extension to your food facility, repurpose an area, change your whitewall layout, or just want to chat about how you can improve your processes to achieve operational excellence, Andy’s your man!

Drop Andy an email at aconnell@stancold.co.uk or call him on 07768 670 150