CREST Finalise Cleanroom Reconfiguration Works for Leading CDMO

Stancold’s Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team (CREST) are winding up in Norfolk this month, following complex cleanroom alteration works as part of a site reconfiguration for a world leading contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO).

Our dedicated team have been working with the project’s appointed contractor, a multidisciplinary construction provider to the pharmaceutical industry and existing client for CREST, since the tender was made available in 2020, following a changing design and phasing programme.

Due to the highly controlled nature of ISO grade cleanroom facilities and the operational activities that are undertaken within them, making alterations to an existing layout requires a high level of understanding from all involved. Considering this, virtual and site meetings were paramount for all sub-contractors, where both CREST’s technical team and project management team were in attendance from the early-stage discussions.

Within the ground floor of the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, CREST assumed responsibility for the removal of walls, ceilings, vision panels and doors, before installing over 2000m² of Kingspan’s Versatile semi-flush cleanroom system to expand and modify the current operations relative to the end user’s needs.

Where the specification required a FR30 rating to some areas of the design, a thicker panel was selected to achieve this. CREST also installed ceilings at adjusted heights, breakout panels, rapid rise doors and vision panels to complete the envelope fit-out.

The team’s existing relationship with the appointed contractor and superior technical knowledge of cleanroom fit-outs, both in relation to new-build and retro-fit projects, ensured that this was another successful contract to add to our portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry.

Discuss a fit-out specification for your pharma manufacturing or testing environment by calling Mark Kendrick on 07585 301 425.

Final Phase of Works for Food Production Facility Fit-Out in Wales

Stancold’s food projects team have commenced work on the final phase of a three-stage contract for an award-winning ingredients supplier in Wales.

As part of the redevelopment of the site, Stancold have been working alongside the project’s appointed contractor since 2020 to complete a new-build extension, an internal freezer build and now the fit-out of the main production area.

Once fully operational, this area will see fresh vegetables diced, sliced and separated before being packaged and moved through to the adjoining loading bay.

Stancold’s responsibility as part of this third phase of works involves the supply and installation of 1700m² of Kingspan’s Quadcore panel system to segregate the space for a vegetable production area, a high-risk room and a low-risk washroom. Office areas and airlocks also sit within the team’s scope of works. Where the panels encompass a white food-safe finish, this will complement the rest of the Stancold-built fit-out across other areas of the site.

The height of this area was revised during the design stage to accommodate existing electrical and fire suppression services in the roof of the building, negating the need to strip everything out and ultimately, compromise the end user’s production programme and our construction schedule.

Timings have been important throughout all major works on this site, so here, our installation team will complete one area at a time to allow the client’s equipment to be moved in and begin operating straight away. Therefore, all panel cutting is to be completed outside to ensure there is minimal mess within the working space.

We’re looking forward to seeing this site in its newly renovated state, where Stancold have been responsible for 90% of the internal fit-out.

To discuss reconfiguration or renovation plans for your food manufacturing business, our expert, Patrick Ball, is on hand to discuss feasibility. Get in touch with him on 07768 670 150 or send us an enquiry with the details.

CREST Complete Cleanroom Upgrade Works for Pharma Client

Stancold CREST’s unrivalled ability to design and build cleanroom panel systems for pharmaceutical environments has been demonstrated again as part of recent upgrade works for a key player in the industry.

Following a specification from previous works at their manufacturing site in Devon, CREST was appointed to construct cleanroom partitions and form a new coating preparation area. Working with the project’s contractor throughout, this involved two site surveys – one at pre-contract stage and a second once the project was confirmed – to ensure that the requirements were understood.

Kingspan’s Versatile panel system was selected as the appropriate product for the walls and was required to be constructed on top of an existing wall in a different system. Therefore, integration between the two was important, but CREST’s experience of such aspects meant that this was achieved successfully.

While the immediate working area was shut down to allow the team to complete the works, other areas of the large facility remained operational. This meant that clear access and routes for distribution of materials had to be carefully planned to prevent disruption.

CREST continues to work expertly to deliver controlled environments of varying sizes and specification, within the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

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Delivering a Complex Compartment Walls Contract in London

Stancold’s versality within fire-rated environments will be demonstrated once again this quarter, as planning is underway for the internal fit-out of a new-build self-storage facility in London. Stancold will be undertaking the responsibility for the fire-rated specification which requires multiple compartment walls across different levels of the building.

Stancold’s fire-rated expert, Shaun Jones, engaged with the appointed main contractor in the early planning stages, where he was committed to sourcing a solution that considered the project’s limited access and weight restrictions as a priority.

The scope itself includes FR60 and FR120 compartment walls across the basement, second floor and fourth floor out of the building’s five levels. Where access to the basement is only through a lift cavity, Stancold’s site team will work alongside the main contractor to ensure both vertical and horizontal distribution of plant and materials are carried out safely.

Sourcing plant options in accordance with the weight allowances of the upper floors was also a challenge. Shaun was able to offer an alternative to a traditional forklift and therefore able to help with any additional technical considerations that came with the complexity of lifting to load out on each floor.

These details were compiled into a lifting plan, where Shaun and Contracts Manager, Rob White, took time to discuss this on site with the main contractor to ensure efficiency in practice. This will result in over 1000m² of the Eurobond Firemaster composite system carefully manoeuvred and then installed by our LPS approved site team.

Stancold’s ability to source a solution that others couldn’t further demonstrated our commitment to projects of increasing complexity across the UK.

Discuss your next fire-rated contract with Shaun Jones on 07821 152 663 or send us an enquiry here.

Stancold Carries Out Critical Repairs for a Local Dairy Company

When Stancold heard about one of our local existing client’s freezer losing temperature, we knew we needed to restore wall’s structural integrity in one day. We spoke to Patrick Ball, our food division specialist, who visited the site 25 miles away from our HQ in Bristol to assess the situation.

Panel systems are designed to last years – the only reason they ever need repairs is accidental physical damage,” says Patrick. “Luckily, this time there were no cracks in the panels themselves and we were able to simply put them back in place within a single day.”

We always aim for the least amount of disruption in our clients’ businesses. This time it meant taking existing structures into consideration as well as keeping the temperature under control while carrying out the works. With our expert installers on-site, we quickly moved the racking system around for access and reinstalled the misaligned pieces of the 7-metre-high wall.

“The freezer stores dairy products, so keeping the temperature down was crucial. While leaking temperature is definitely a problem in the long term, removing 60m² of wall for an extended amount of time could simply cause the goods to spoil. It is especially important in a room this big,” Patrick explained further emphasising how costly it could have been for the client to go for a less experienced contractor.

Stancold demonstrated exceptional coordination and with quick turnaround, were able to prevent the client from having to write off a significant part of their goods.

We deeply care about local businesses. Our long-standing history in supporting the South West food industry and a list of satisfied returning clients proves we’re here to help. Do not hesitate when the matter is urgent. Provided we’re close enough, our team can turn a job around quickly and with over 75 years of experience, there is no better solution than Stancold.

For enquiries like these or if you plan on expanding your food manufacturing business, contact Patrick on 07768 670150 or email