Stancold Continues Support for Avonmouth Old Boys RFC

The business is pleased to announce its continued sponsorship of local rugby club, Avonmouth Old Boys RFC, for the upcoming season.

Where grassroots sport has been heavily affected by the COVID pandemic, support from local businesses through sponsorship is now more important than ever. The recovery of clubs and organisations in the local community will allow them to continue to provide sporting opportunities for all age groups and at all competition levels.

Now in its 125th year of existence, Avonmouth Old Boys RFC have a senior section of over 100 members and junior numbers in the region of 250 on a weekly basis, with accompanying facilities that include a large clubroom, bar, changing rooms and 3 floodlit pitches.

Avonmouth Old Boys’ Sponsorship Officer, Ted Britton, has thanked the business for its continued support:

“We are a big club that have had a huge amount of success, playing with eight Bristol Combination cup wins and various promotions over the last 15 years or so.

This of course costs the club a lot of money, which we raise in various ways, including sponsorship for purchasing kit, leisure wear and advertising. We are very fortunate to have a group of very loyal companies that support us, one of which is Stancold.”

Stancold’s Marketing Manager, Stacy Horseman, has commented:

“As a Bristol business of over 75 years, based in Avonmouth for at least 20, the opportunities we have to support the local community are valuable to us.

Stancold’s pitchside advertising has been in place since 2018, not only to support our colleagues that have played with the club but to support an initiative that plays a key role in the local area.”

Learn more about Avonmouth Old Boys RFC here and get in touch with Stancold here.

FR60 Firewall in SW – Day 1

When Industrial Partitions Division expert Shaun heard about the contract 8 months ago in late 2021, clients were looking into various options and designs. Having done their research, they eventually returned to us in March with input from a structural engineer and decided to use our expertise.

The main reason for building the partition was the dust produced by one of the tenants. Stancold’s Supervisor Installer Vitaliy realised that will indeed be an issue on the first day of the job, so when our SHEQ Manager Tom visited to perform some initial health & safety checks, the whole team had been given some additional PPE.

Katie, our installation manager was on-site as well, checking if Vitaliy, Hadley and Chandler had everything they needed.

When we were on site, the first of 31 Eurobond Firemaster panels was only just being pre-fitted. This process is always essential so the rest of the 8-metre-high firewall runs through the building as planned.

Having tested that everything fits in, our installers put the panel to the side and started laying down a 37-metre-long base channel. We’ll check back in with the team and report once the works are completed.

Introducing Jayde Hassett, Stancold’s Trainee Project Coordinator

Jayde Hassett joined Stancold’s Firewall and Industrial Partitions team as a Trainee Project Coordinator in January. The past six months have been quite busy for her and it’s only now that she found time to shut Excel down and talk to us about her time with us.

“It’s exciting — I came here from an entirely different background, having worked in Mental Health and Wellbeing support before,” she said, mentioning how changing industries has been a refreshing change in her career. “I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’ve been learning new things every day. With recent shortages in all sorts of supply chains, a project coordinator role is becoming more challenging every week.”

Jayde looks after plant hires and ordering materials, works closely with the designers and makes sure everything is ready for project managers when they eventually arrive on site.

“Every now and then it gets complicated. Sometimes we arrive on-site and it turns out there is more that we need to hire; or rather than being on a job for a week, we have to divide it into two visits and we need the plants for a longer time” she explains. In such cases, her role is vital for Stancold’s ability to run multiple contracts simultaneously, not only within the Industrial Partitions team but also in the Food Division and CREST, even if she isn’t involved with these departments directly.

Outside of work, Jayde enjoys globetrotting. “I like packing my bags, getting on a plane, exploring new places, getting lost in an unknown country. My biggest journey yet was the three months I had spent in Indonesia,” she recalls. It wasn’t only a holiday though, as she mentions having worked for a month in the only psychiatric ward in the whole country.

“I like new experiences, meeting and working with different people. That’s why I enjoy working at Stancold — no contract is the same and making things go flawlessly feels very rewarding,” she sums up.

While Jayde works in the background a lot of the time, she is an important part of why hundreds of companies chose Stancold to fit out their premises. Her deep understanding of all of our live contracts will most definitely help with any of your enquiries.

If you would like to find out what it’s like working with us, call 0117 316 7000 or email

CREST’s Next Medical Cold Storage Contract in Aberdeen

As part of Stancold CREST’s commitment to building specialist environments across the UK, the team are dedicated to providing key design and specification expertise as part of our service offering.

It’s this approach that has led us to work with a returning client, a nationwide contractor, as they undertake a £170m project within the Scottish medical industry. The new hospital, based in Aberdeen, will have an internal floor area of over 30,000m², with CREST assuming responsibility for the dispensary cold rooms on the ground floor as a turnkey package.

CREST’s Mark Kendrick has been working with the appointed contractor since early 2019 and has had a key hand in reviewing elements of the design and providing accurate updated costings as it evolved before this progressed to an order in 2021.

As the main build has been underway for some time already, our work is due to commence next month. Navigating the volatility of the ever-changing industry in line with a changing programme of works has been important to be able to maintain stability in our pricing, especially when increases have been ever prominent.

The cold stores will form part of the facility’s pharmacy area and CREST are undertaking the turnkey package, which includes refrigeration to maintain a consistent temperature of 2-8⁰C and contingency equipment to ensure no disruption in the event of power failure. The envelope will be formed of Kingspan’s Quadcore insulated panel system, complete with hygienic finish.

CREST’s projects team are now co-ordinating in line with the upcoming start date and we look forward to reporting back on this project as it progresses.

To get advice and assistance for plans on your next temperature-controlled storage project across the pharmaceutical industry and beyond, get in touch with Mark on 07585 301 425 or send us an enquiry.

Internal Fit-Out for Bakery Production Upgrades in South Yorkshire

Stancold’s food projects team have reported another successful contract completion in South Yorkshire.

Supporting a nationwide bakery manufacturing group as part of the business’ reinvestment strategy, their existing muffin production facility was undergoing a reconfiguration that required upgrades in order to meet the current food safety standards.

The scope included new food-safe wall linings around the perimeter of the production space, column encasements and forming openings for access points. Working to our client’s design and budget, Stancold’s Divisional Development Manager, Patrick Ball, was able to value-engineer an approach that included repurposing existing doors.

Patrick and our Senior Contracts Manager, Sam Glover, conducted a site survey to confirm all aspects of the works and meet with the appointed project management consultant. As an operational facility, our installers would be working around existing manufacturing equipment on site so mapping out provisions for this was necessary prior to the start date.

The scope itself encompassed approximately 600m² of Kingspan Quadcore panelling, complete with a food-safe finish for wall linings and over 20 columns. This was alongside a roller shutter, rapid rise door and several fire-rated personnel door options.

This was a great first contract with our client and we look forward to working together going forward.

To discuss your upgrade options when it comes to food manufacturing facilities, get in touch with Patrick Ball on 07768 670 150 or send us an enquiry.

FR60 Compartment Wall in a Biopharmaceutical Facility

Stancold CREST supplied and installed FR60 composite panelling to construct a 13-metre high firewall within a biopharmaceutical facility in Portsmouth. This was a part of a large-scale fit-out project, utilising approximately 10,000m² of composite panelling. The design included the construction of airlocks, changing areas and clean-not-classified corridors.

Temp-Controlled Port Facilities, Portsmouth

The last stage of our project in a port facility in Portsmouth. We’ve been on site since mid-2021 and we can’t wait to share the final outcome with you!

Introducing Sam Jenkins, Stancold’s Firewall & Food Division Design Manager

It’s been three months since Sam Jenkins joined Stancold as a Design Manager for food and firewall projects. After a busy 2021, we were looking for someone experienced to fill this role and we did not hesitate a second to give him an opportunity to progress his career.

Sam has got nearly 18 years of experience using CAD, which he picked up early in his school years. His career includes 5 years running his own company, being a lead designer in the construction industry and a long list of projects within the commercial kitchen business, but Stancold is the first time he filled the role of a manager. We saw his potential and are extremely happy to be supporting his development.

As a design manager, Sam always takes a proactive approach to contracts. He does not only liaise with clients but also works with colleagues from across all our departments to create technical drawings that can be brought to life by the installation team.

“It is quite common for people in the industry not to be fully aware of all of the constantly changing regulations and doing things the way they always used to do. This is where I come in to clarify the discrepancies between the older ways and the current design standards,” he explains.

Outside of work, Sam is a huge fan of motorsports and has spent his whole life racing, be it go-karts, cars or downhill bikes.

Sam’s role is crucial for Stancold’s soon-to-expand design team, which we are very keenly looking forward to and will be reporting about as soon as we’re ready to share more details.

In the meantime, as always, if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project or have a general enquiry, give us a call on 0117 316 7000 or email

Double Contract Win for Stancold’s Industrial Partitioning Team

Our expert industrial partitioning team are pleased to confirm a further two contracts this month, following successful negotiations with a new client in East Anglia.

As part of the first contract, the industrial developer is undertaking the construction of a new-build, multi-level property and required a fire-rated division wall to separate the space into two units and make them available to let.

Stancold’s industrial partitions expert, Shaun Jones, was able to introduce a fire-rated composite panel system as a pre-finished solution that negates the need for additional trades. Due to the 16m height of the building, split over two levels, the wall design requires a horizontal panel installation in order to achieve the one-hour fire rating. Eurobond’s Firemaster system will be the preferred product for this, accompanied by firestopping for maximum fire integrity.

The importance of a site survey for this type of work was highlighted here as the scope changed following our visit, but flexibility to client needs and wants is always a principal element of our working to get the job right.

On the same industrial estate, we will also be working on a second contract for this client, where we will be utilising our panel-build expertise slightly differently.

Here, they will be forming an airlock to provide segregation between a warehouse and its loading facility. Where the initial specification required a level of fire protection, Shaun was able to determine that this wasn’t necessary and value-engineered an alternative solution that utilised Kingspan QuadCore. This was in line with our client’s budget and programme of works, thanks to more favourable lead times.

This consultative yet flexible approach to the two different project scopes enabled Shaun and the team to form a positive relationship with the client and planning is well underway to ensure a smooth start on site.

To talk to Shaun about an upcoming fire-rated project, get in touch with him on 07821 152 663 or send us an enquiry here.